We design experiences where we reflect and put ideas into practice to contribute to a sustainable and regenerative future.
We dream of being a “community house” where we meet, in different parts of the world, to experience socio-environmental and artistic proposals that inspire alternative ways of living.

The social cycle is like the water cycle.
Each person receives opportunities, studies,
resources and experiences that nourish their lives.
Analogous to the movement and force of
the rivers, we want to reach the ocean.
We carry creative energy that seeks to
achieve a greater purpose.
For many people, "getting to the sea" means
having a profession, a good salary, and material goods.
But the oceans evaporate, condense, and
transform to be part of the cycle that
will rain down on someone else


Ciclo enables encounters that allow us to see
ourselves in other people, in nature, and in our
surroundings. These experiences activate
something new and intangible, which
produces action.
By converging with others in this way, we can
transcend the limitations of our own personal
perspectives and open up to the possibility
of what could be

Ciclo is a space to collectively experience our individual ideas. It is a movement that is nourished by the dreams and ideals of people who seek to answer, through action, transformative questions to live better: less consumption, less accumulation of wealth, less human and environmental degradation. There are alternative ways to live, and because we know there are,
we look for them, we try them, and we inspire others to do the same.


What do we do?

We design and produce experiences
in different parts of the
world, using art as a catalyst for
reflections around socio-environmental
that inspire a sustainable and
regenerative future.